Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ah, words... sometimes they fail me...

So, a little before my last post I started working at one of the local papers. I knew it was a temp gig and that I was only filling in for the person who was out on sick leave. I hoped it would go through the end of the year but she came back on Monday. Man, you don't know how bored I was on Monday when I didn't go in to the Newsroom. I made my mom go shopping with me and did all sorts of stuff just to keep myself busy. At first the thought of working full-time was daunting and I kind of dreaded starting a new job, especially while I was still working at real estate. I am ready to give it up, IF and that's a huge word right now, something opened up for me at the paper. I'm hoping to get a shot at free-lance writing and I hope that I can prove to myself that I can still do journalism. (I can't believe I'm full of self-doubts about my writing. I write every day... fiction, not news.)

While there are things I really like about real estate, I'm not passionate about it, I'm not overly good at it and I'm definitely not self-disciplined enough to really make a career out of it. I'm kind of scared about the freelance writing gig as well. As long as there is work, I'll be able to do it, but I need to have a daily routine to keep me in the groove.

I have lots of balls in the air at the moment, I hope they all don't come crashing to the ground at the same time.