Thursday, December 17, 2009

Remember Me?

This is a nice post over at the register's site about Jimmy Stewart and psalm 91 and how It's a Wonderful Life has meaning for everyone, even today.

There has been a lot I've wanted to post lately, but I've been so occupied with other real life stuff that I haven't made time to post any thoughts or reflections. I'm also feeling a bit more distanced right now Church wise. I suppose the politics will always creep in, huh?

Still, the last few days of Advent linger and then it will be Christmas. This year, I'm grateful for finding love. Somehow I knew last year that it would be my last year alone (I'm never really alone as I have friends and family) and somehow I'd be with the one I'd spend my life with. It was a strange flash but I truly felt that. I also feel that God has orchestrated bringing this wonderful, loving man into my life. We've known each other all our lives and have crossed paths periodically but the time for us was never right. We have been waiting until this moment. It feels right, it feels comfortable and I'm falling more and more in love every day. One day I'll post more about our rediscovery.

I have a lot to write about. And deep down I know that God has always been there. It's really a blessing to know that.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just Wanted to Say Hey

At some point, I plan to come back to blogging. With Advent, I almost feel remiss for not blogging. This is one of my favorite seasons of the Church year, how can I not blog. Anyway, I'm falling in love and focusing on my new blossoming romance. We bought a Christmas tree the other day. I've not had a real tree in 20 years or so... the house smells wonderful.

We put up our Christmas Tree the other night. We got about half the ornaments up tonight, (There are 21 days left to get the tree completely done so there is no hurry.) and will finish on Friday.

Me trying to hide under the tree.

Me, David and Iggy.

The redheads on one side and the brunettes on the other. ;)

David, Me and Estrella.

Betcha, he's not what you expected. ;P We're telling everyone we made a pact in kindergarten that one day we'd get together and fall in love. Granted, I don't think we remember each other from kindergarten, but our paths crossed a lot in high school and college, only we never were aware of it. It's actually really pretty neat how our lives were always a hop, skip and a jump away from each other, but we didn't find each other until now, when we were supposed to.

I really am in love. It's sickening huh? ;)