Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just Wanted to Say Hey

At some point, I plan to come back to blogging. With Advent, I almost feel remiss for not blogging. This is one of my favorite seasons of the Church year, how can I not blog. Anyway, I'm falling in love and focusing on my new blossoming romance. We bought a Christmas tree the other day. I've not had a real tree in 20 years or so... the house smells wonderful.

We put up our Christmas Tree the other night. We got about half the ornaments up tonight, (There are 21 days left to get the tree completely done so there is no hurry.) and will finish on Friday.

Me trying to hide under the tree.

Me, David and Iggy.

The redheads on one side and the brunettes on the other. ;)

David, Me and Estrella.

Betcha, he's not what you expected. ;P We're telling everyone we made a pact in kindergarten that one day we'd get together and fall in love. Granted, I don't think we remember each other from kindergarten, but our paths crossed a lot in high school and college, only we never were aware of it. It's actually really pretty neat how our lives were always a hop, skip and a jump away from each other, but we didn't find each other until now, when we were supposed to.

I really am in love. It's sickening huh? ;)

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Jeff said...

You guys look so happy! You must be having a wonderful Christmas... Enjoy it!