Sunday, February 26, 2012

Like the Deserts Miss the Rain...

Well, yeah it's Lent. And I'm feeling more and more distant from my faith and beliefs more than ever. Going through the hell of the last six months has left my faith shaky at best. I still hold onto the mustard seed in my wallet and I still hope that I can find a way through the spiritual darkness I've been wandering through for the last couple of months.

Lent is my favorite season in the church, culminating on the Triddum which really feeds my spirit. I think it's almost as spiritually uplifting as the Novenas are to me.

I slept through most of the morning again today. I'm fighting insomnia and I get my best sleep in the mornings. I hope that somewhere, deep inside of me, I find a light in the dark. It's not fun wandering in this desert.