Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saying Good Bye

Sunday, July 8, 2012, we had to say goodbye to our Sweet Estrella. She was a precious, loving and truly amazing dog. She came to me during the Cerros Grande Fire, when the city shelter emptied its kennels to foster families so that it could house Los Alamos pets displaced by the fire. I picked her out of a group of three or four dogs. She looked like the nicest of the group. She became friends with my dog Barkley and then some of my very good friends came for a visit from all over the country and she was pretty good. The worst that happened that weekend was one of my guests had and allergy attack and I think the air mattress collapsed because of the dogs. She fit in perfectly and I knew that I had to officially adopt her, which I did.

When David joined the family, she was smitten and he really loved her too. She'd be the one to keep him company in the mornings. She had a gentle soul and a heart full of love.

For the last year she'd been ailing and suffering from arthritis and a few other things. We knew time with her was getting short and finally, she told us she was ready. We took her to the vet and held out a little hope we could do something, we knew we were going to say goodbye.

David carried her to the 4Runner, wrapped in a towel and placed her on the bed. Iggy escaped and wanted to go with us. He adored her. He got to say his goodbye. If it hadn't been hot, I might have taken him.

When we got there, the office was packed. We didn't take her into a room. I hated to move her as she was comfortable and they were running slow, Sundays at the Vets are always mobbed. They brought her water and we sat with her. The vet examined her and did the procedure in the back of my car. It was the best place. She loved taking trips in the car. She had a lot of happy moments riding in my 4Runner.

It was hard letting her go. I think her passing was harder for me because we knowingly took her to ease her suffering. When Barkley died, I wasn't expecting it. He was suffering but it was a sudden and took me by surprise. Putting him to sleep was the best thing I could have done for him as well, but it was a painful decision. 

So, goodbye Miss Waggles, the Labrarottie with the velvet ears. You were loved and you will be missed.