Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tom Cruise Knows...

He just knows. I'm not one to mock anyone for his or her religion, as I happen to be a member of the one Church that always seems to get bashed with tons and tons of anti-Catholic vile, but this speaks for itself. It's the Tom Cruise, the Scientologist Story. From what I gather, it was a video made to talk about his experiences as a Scientologist to be used as a recruitment tool and he looks totally sincere as he relays his message. After watching this, does this mean he and fellow Scientologists believe they can save people from just about everything-- dying in car accidents, crime, drugs? Can they save the world from Global Warming? Disease? Hatred and Intolerance? War? Since I didn't understand what he said, I found this Scientology Glossary to help translate what Tom said.

Should we all sign up? That power must be amazing.

I guess Tom's people and the Church of Scientology are a bit pissy that the video has hit the Internets and aren't too pleased that Andrew Morton (the one who wrote about Princess Di) has written a bio about Tom.

A friend told me about it and looking for a distraction I had to go find it. Man, he's weird. That was cheesy weird and definitely wouldn't indoctrinate me into the world of Scientology. My priest will be pleased to hear that, though two weeks ago at Mass he said we should look for new ways to come to God, of course he also said that didn't mean checking out the other churches down the street, where they are aplenty... a non-demoniational, a Baptist, a Methodist and the JWs. Eh, I'll stick with Catholicism. At least it's rational and sane. ;-)

:::Sighs:::: Now I'll never be able to watch my favorite, albeit cheesy movies with Tom Cruise in them and think about how I adored him so. Also? Why didn't someone tell me that Chachi (Scott Baio) had a reality show on VH1. Man, he's 46, married with a baby girl now. Oy. What happened?

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