Tuesday, July 24, 2007

LJ Is Down...

Is there a massive paranoia? Do I dare check my friend's pages on the other journals I set up in case there was
  • a: LJ outage or
  • b: a mass exodus from LJ?
Nah. I'm going to stay right here-- well and there-- since it's where I pursue my fannish, superfluous and totally pursuits of pure and total nonsense.

I also decided that this journal is shaping up to be my Catholic journal what ever that means and is. We had a visiting priest for Sunday's Mass. It turns out he is from here, someone who graduated the year ahead of me and is sort of in transition. He's a Jesuit and was really a pleasure to listen to on Sunday. I really like our parish priest as well so I was a bit disappointed that he wasn't there but it was all good in the end. Anyway, I think Father had obviously peeked inside of my brain for the Homily. Mostly the moral of the Homily was about priorities, knowing and doing what is important and right.

I know I get very impatient and frustrated with my folks. It's not so hard to drop what I'm doing to help them, but it's just that sometimes I far too selfish and too lazy to go do what they need, rather than busy. In the long run, they appreciate the time and effort and I usually end up enjoying my visit or errand on their behalf. It's not like my life is so busy that I can't go over there. We get stuck in the rut and hate to be inconvenienced.

So, yes, parents are a prioroity right now. My own health is too. I have to work out and eat healthy. It's really the former not the later. I'm not a horrible eater, I don't over eat but sometimes I eat the wrong stuff. I just am not the sort of person with a metabolism of a humming bird or a bumble bee. I need to exercise. It's beneficial to the mind, body and soul. I need it, especially if I really am considering having a child one day. Being a mom is truly the one thing I've always pictured in my life. I don't know if I'll feel empty and incomplete if it never happens for me, however, right now I think it's probably one of the worst possible things that might happen. I suppose if it doesn't happen, then I'll deal with it as best I can.I think the statement if it's meant to be, it's meant to be has some truth to it, but I also believe if you want something badly enough, you have to coax it into being a bit.

And lastly, my finances and my career is a big priority. I want to be a successful published writer and I'm struggling to get something, anything finished. Oy... I really do want to have a successful real estate career. Part of why I'm floundering is not the market so much but the lack of motivation and self-discipline. If I have a child... I have to have money. There is no way I can support a child without it.

Life, it's always an adventure.

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