Saturday, September 1, 2007

Quiet Reflections...

My favorite time of year is swiftly approaching. I love the fall. I love how the light bends and casts a g0lden hue over the earth. I love crisp, cool days, where it's chilly enough for a light sweater but warm enough to drink an iced venti chai outside on the patio at Starbucks. Today, we had a rain shower and even in my high off the ground 4Runner, I needed an ark. It's such a shame that all that rain that falls pretty much washes away. Eventually it makes it to the arroyo but I don't think much of that water gets recaptured, which is truly a shame.

So... I thought this was going to be my spiritual, mostly Catholic Blog, but I may transition over my personal, more quiet reflections from LJ over to here. I suppose if I put it as catholic with a little "c" it could be my "universal" blog. Hee!

The excitement of the whole world of fangirl blogging and fandom is waning for me. It's been about 11 years I've been a fangirl. It's hard to believe that probably 11 or 12 years ago I first got on the Internet, discovered the world of Alt.TV.Highlander was my hangout for many years. I met some fabulous people because of that TV show. I dragged my best friend into the fandom and we made many good friends. Some I still talk to just about everyday. Who says the Internet is bad?

Internet dating. So not going to happen for me.

Speaking of Highlander. The 4th movie, probably the worst of the bunch, but it has my boys in it, will air this month. So... I don't forget it comes on SciFi channel Sept. 15. I need to turn my DISH back on. I've had it off most of the summer. Yikes.

On Monday, I have to sit down and redo my resume and cover letter. I'm going to apply for a job with, believe it or not a regular salary. Part of me wants to stay in real estate very badly, I love the flexibility the profession gives me, but I want to have a child one day and I would like to have the stability of a regular pay check, plus benefits and health insurance. Being a grown up is so hard, but being a grown up and thinking about having a totally helpless, totally dependent child is overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

So, I'm in the midst of making some big life-changing decisions. Oy.

When it clears up I shall head out and take my walk. I'm going to do a fitness challenge from Self Magazine. It's five days of exercise. Three walking two strength training. By the end of the first month, I should be back in the habit of exercise. I'm not looking to drop much weight the first month but maybe I'll start feeling fit and strong again. That is what I really want to achieve. Sure weight loss is another goal but I don't want to do this to lose weight as much as get fit. I think they both go hand in hand, however, I'm not aiming to be a skinny mini. I'll never be that. I'm naturally too athletic for that. I'm tall and not little boned. I build muscle pretty fast.

Remind me... heh... to ask the doctor to measure my height when I go in for a check up near the end of the year. I really believe I'm 5'7" but sometimes I think I'm taller.

Anyway, this challenge has four goals. I'm going to try to tackle them, a different one each month so by the end of December, I hope my body is ready for the next step.

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