Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I wonder if Blogspot is having some issues. If you look at my main page of the blog everything is a bit askew, the fonts are off and you have to scroll down quite away to get to the side bar of information and everything in it is centered and the wrong font and size. But when you click a specific entry, it's the way it's supposed to be.

I messed with some layout stuff but I don't think I could have screwed it up this badly. I'm also wondering if I should join one of the Catholic web rings to drive up traffic to the blog. Do I want more traffic to the blog? I really don't want to be a big name "blogger" so I guess I'll leave things be.

Edit: One of the two recent posts, the Map of Faith in the US or the article about the Bells, had some screwy HTML and messed up the formatting of the whole blog. I have gotten so far behind on technology these days, that I can't tell the difference between CSS, HTML or RSS.

Ok, I'm not that bad, but it took a while to figure out what I did wrong. ;)
I'll recode those other posts later.


Jeff said...

Tell me about it... The other day, I posted a masthead photo, thinking it would shrink to fit, and I left a HUGE photo on the top of the blog. I still haven't fixed it yet.

Yeah, it's quirky, but I still think the Blogger UI is easier to work with than Wordpress's.

Jeff said...

As for traffic and being a big name blogger... I agree. Personally, I care about that sort of thing less and less. I think I'm just going to enjoy writing for the sake of writing. With a large audience, I figure you run the risk of your ego being inflated, being married to the thing out of obligation (so it becomes like a job), and having to write things to make other people happy.

Maria said...

I think Blogger is a lot easier to work with than Wordpress. My writing blog is on Wordpress and I always have troubles trying to work with it. I also haven't kept up on the technology, as I only do this for fun and not a living, so it's all so complicated to me these days.

I also find myself annoyed with a lot of those "Big Name Bloggers" and I so I don't aspire to be like that. I have to edit my blog roll and weed out my google reader. At one time I was going to put all the links I found, whether or not I agreed with the content, but it all got so time consuming.

I'll keep writing this blog because it is a good outlet, but I'm not really feeling overly spiritual these days. I need to start preparing for my Catechism classes and maybe as I do my own reading and preparations, I'll have more thoughts and reflections to share.