Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In The News From New Mexico...

Local News stories.

NM Sisters are Ambivalent about the upcoming Apostolic Visits to the US. This was a companion piece to a more indepth, national piece by the AP which I didn't see on the New Mexican website. It is interesting to see all the comments and discussion about the visit on a national level. I contributed a comment on the New Mexican comment site.

Sr. Mary Ann Walsh of media office for the USCCB talks about the visit here. H/T to Fr. Martin at America for the link.

And this bit of news I thought was interesting. Monks Ale will now be brewed at the Christ in the Desert Monastery near Abiuqui, for those of you unfamiliar with Northern New Mexico, that's where Georgia O'Keeffe lived and painted a lot of her New Mexican landscapes and flowers. Here's a post about the news at Brew Like A Monk Blog.

If I find anything else, I might post.

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