Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Hills Are Alive...and Facebook Freaks Me Out

Yes, I'm still wary of Facebook. I've had many high school classmates find me, and I've found a few. My (former) two best friends are also there, but I think we've mutually decided not to friend request each other. One of them dumped me via email and the other one just stopped talking to me. It was all so high school. Also, a cute guy from my graduating class is a new arrival there and he's still cute. I've seen him in person lately. He was like Mr. Popularity and sadly has not friend requested me. I'm so torn up by that. ;-)

Let's see in other real life, mundane Facebook related activities, I just edited my favorite movies and added "The Sound of Music" -- that modernist propaganda film according to SSPX Bishop Williamson anyway. I think he's a pretty good comedian. Those of you regular readers should totally understand this.

I found some of my sorority sisters too. I haven't seen them in years and of course, am wary about friend requesting them. I used my real name so people I know can find me. As Jen at Musings from the Big U said, it's been a good and a bad thing. She also made a post about warnings, which I think I'll take heed and follow. I find that the people I've been most communicative with on Facebook are the people I know from fandom, LJ and my adult life. Sure, it's nice to know what some of my old friends are doing, it's not like we're going to be best friends again now.

I'm also wary of Facebook because of a news report that showed a poor guy who had his account hacked and his poor friends fell for a scam that he was kidnapped or in trouble and they sent out money to the "hackers" on his behalf. Of course, I'm online enough to know if someone is messing with my Facebook status and is out to scam my friends, who of course wouldn't fall for it.

Let's see, in Catholic Squee news. I got two new books today on the Mass. I know most bloggers are probably away that Amy Welborn of Charlotte of Both lost her husband, Michael Dubruiel, suddenly the other day. I bought his book from Amazon. For support and for the fact that it's been highly recommended. And then I got Children Discover the Mass, for my students. It has some pretty neat ideas and hopefully I'll find a few good ideas I can add to my lesson on Saturday.


Garpu said...

I'm wondering how long it is before my mom finds me on facebook. Fortunately you can block people.

Maria said...

My mom still doesn't understand how to turn on the computer. ;-)

Glad to know you can block people. I definitely wouldn't want many of my family and real life friends to find my LJ or my other online endeavors.