Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Stomach Is So Fired

I know it's stress and nerves but I'm tired of feeling so crappy every now and then. I woke up feeling nauseous this morning. Again. I've had a weak stomach my whole life but this is getting to be too much. I better stop making myself sick. Apparently, I'm better at it than I thought. I remember complaining a lot about my stomach as a kid. Maybe I was really sick. I think the adults always thought I was making it up. Maybe I wasn't. Oy.

Today is the start of Ash Wednesday and well, I think I'll actually manage to fast today. I'll definitely abstain from meat. I might eat grilled cheese and soup. Chicken noodle is out huh? Drat. That always makes me feel better.

During Lent, I am going to cut back my online time in favor of exercise. I started reading a book about the Eucharist that my religious ed director gave me. I have yet to pray this morning's hours, but I will, as I made a commitment to myself that I would return to my daily prayers. I slept most of the morning, waiting for my stomach to settle. The Liturgy of Hours, for me, keeps me grounded with my prayer life, as I'm not really good at self-directed or self-created prayer. I may try to attend Mass this evening. It's a nice service, a nice time to start this penitential season it's spiritually enriching, but as I feel a bit under the weather, I'm relieved that it's not mandatory.

On Saturday's class I spoke to the children about stewardship, fasting and prayer and how these things are important to think about and do during the Lenten season. I asked them to make Lenten prayer chains that I saw in a magazine, and I wrote down several ideas for them to pull from. I knew they wouldn't finish the activity in class, but maybe they did take it home to finish as I asked them to do.

I may actually try to use the chain that I created for my daily Lenten commitments. Putting this together really helped me to think of the things that I should and can do during Lent. I am looking forward to this season and to this Easter.

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