Friday, September 18, 2009

Estrella and Ignatius...

Yikes! Look what I found?

The cutest toy in the basket. He finally got a name. His name is Ignatius. Yes. For real and yes, for. St. Ignatius of Loyola. He's Iggy or now Igs for short.

We have achieved Peace at Casa De Maria. Estrella has finally accepted the puppy on her bed. She's still not crazy about him, but she's better.

He's fitting into the family nice. If only he'd get potty trained. Soon. I hope. Soon.
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Jeff said...

Nice new pooch!! I'm glad that peace reigns.

Maria said...

Thanks. He's turning out to be a good one. I have made one mistake and that is that I haven't been feeding him enough, but other than that, he's the smartest dog I've had ever.

Oh, if he'd only be big and confident enough to use the doggie door. He's still a bit too small.