Thursday, September 24, 2009

Herein I Really Rant

You know...I'm really getting tired of hate, the polarization of this country, the religious right equating Obama to Hitler and Stalin. I was going to write up another complaint about the Catholic blogosphere but what's the point? There will bloggers who exist to spew out complaints about fellow Catholics ad nausem, so why waste the energy complaining about them? Yes, some of the blogs I enjoy will always be bombarded by those who can define who is and who isn't a Real Catholic and will spew out a nasty, mean spirited and uncharitable comments. These are not the people who sit beside me in the pews on any given Sunday. Still, it disheartens me as a Catholic to see Catholics stand in judgment of fellow Catholics. Only God can judge the hearts and minds of men, not other men (or women). So, when I see that anywhere I will always get angry.

I spent Saturday in a Workshop for Catechists and when I left the workshop, I felt so good about my faith, so energized and so confident that I was going to be able to be Christlike and be able to set up an example of Christ in the World to the children I teach. Guh... here I am bitching and complaining, spewing out rather judgmental comments myself.

It's a sin to judge others, isn't it?

Still, while I find some members of my own church can be frustrating and terribly judgmental, I've never heard any bullshit to come out of a (present day) Catholic priest's mouth, not even a bishop has said anything like this like this guy . This is serious batshit crazy stuff and if I ever heard it preached from the pulpit in any Catholic church I ever attended I'd walk out immediately. I posted a comment at this blog , and now I'm curious to see if I'll get any traffic back or a return comment.

I need to find something to temper my mood. Maybe I'll find a nice reflection or a pleasant Biblical reading to post following this. Grr!


Jeff said...

Unbelievable. It turns your stomach, doesn't it?

The faintest defense I can give Anderson is that the Youtube caption got it slightly wrong. I think I heard Anderson say that he prays every night that Obama dies and goes to heaven, but he's still a wingnut.

Some patriot. This reminds me of the Westboro Baptist Church people who go around to military funerals for soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and hold up signs saying "God hates fags," telling the families that their sons died for an evil cause in protecting a country that tolerates homosexuality.

Ironically, it's the Hell's Angels who've showed up to some of these funerals to protect the families from this.

Maria said...

I admit that I find some of the things that fellow Catholic bloggers say repulsive sometimes, they are far mild and tame compared to this guy.

An online friend has pointed out his and the intolerance of his wife many times, but I think this was really the first real offensive thing I've heard him say.

Someone said they were just a bit too the left of the Westboro Baptist folks. Still, they're as wacky and intolerant.

I love that the Hell's Angels attend the funerals! The Westboro Baptist people tried to come to Santa Fe once, they failed miserably in their attempt to make a scene.