Friday, September 25, 2009


Queen of Procrastination Am I.
I wonder if procrastination is a sin? Hee. I'm supposed to be getting ready for my first Catechism class, which starts tomorrow. I've been a bit lazy and have been getting caught up on chores around the house. I have a few things to do for my dad and then plan to spend the day getting my materials together for my class.

I've had some thoughts about how I'd like to be more Christlike in the world and how I'd like to be able to share that with the students. Also, I want to write down those thoughts, but often find myself unable to find the words. One of my spiritual goals is to make an effort to try to write down my spiritual thoughts and reflections. I carry a journal with me, but I don't see why I can't post those thoughts in here as well. However, I've never been able to put those kind of things into words and so I struggle. I also struggle with my prayer life most days. It really amazes me to read other blogs and journals where so many people can pour out their hearts and souls into words. Surely, they have moments of dryness.

Maybe I will never be able to do that, but hopefully one day, I might just be able to. I don't think any less of myself for not being able to write up my thoughts and feelings, but I think it would help me be more Christlike in the world if I could.Wow... this was a rambling post almost about nothing. :) Anyway, alas my first day of teaching for the new year. One of my goals and intentions is to find a way to become an elementary school teacher next year, ideally at a private school, but if you notice the first sentence of this post, I always seem to fall victim to procrastination. All right... off to work now. BBL.


Jeff said...

"I'm supposed to be getting ready for my first Catechism class, which starts tomorrow."

Well... That is sort of waiting until the last possible moment, isn't it? :)

My wife Anne started CCD last Sunday evening, and I'm pretty sure she went completely unprepped. Well, almost. She got back from Nantucket at about Noon, and took Juliette to her soccer game at 2:00. Came back around 3:30 and complained about the vagueness of the suggested CCD topic for about half an hour, and had something ready at about 5:00. She's done it enough times in the past to pretty much wing it, I guess.

Procrastination is probably my worst habit. I always figure, though, if you wait until the last minute to do it, it'll only take you a minute to do it! :D

Good luck in class!

Maria said...

Thanks Jeff.

I agree, it will only take a minute to get ready, especially at the last minute.

This is my second go round teaching 3rd grade, and so I'll reread the material and put together the lesson later this evening. I really want to review what they know from last year anyway. I'll come up with an idea or two for an exercise to go with the material, but it will be fine. I am not really all that worried.

Hopefully, I'll be like Anne one day and totally not worry at all.

Fran said...

I know the procrastination route well! In fact I am procrastinating writing two things - one for church and one for my blog.

Reading about your procrastination is a most excellent way to put my own in flight!

Good wishes and prayers on your class and on your hopes - for writing and for teaching!

Maria said...

Thanks Fran, prayers and good wishes are most appreciated.

I hope you got your work done. I went to a high school football game tonight. It's been years since I'd seen my alma mater play it's cross-town rival. It was fun. We won too.

Now I read my lesson for tomorrow. :)