Friday, September 4, 2009

A Priest Who Also Cooks

Father Z better watch out, this priest, Father Leo, can really cook. He even has a Throwdown with Bobby Flay, plus he has his own online cooking show. This is a great interview on PBS Religion and Ethics News Weekly. Go read the text at the website but do watch this video, he's really enjoyable. I liked what he said at the end about the Meal and the Eucharist. We were talking about that yesterday in my Class for Catechists.

Here's his site.
I might have to check it out.


Jeff said...

Ming Sai has nothing on him! Break-dancing and martial arts too. Stay clear of his kitchen. :)

Priests tend to eat well.

As a follow up to this post and the last one on New Mexico church life, did you ever see the video on the Priest Who Flies? In 1951 a young Stanley Kubrick directed The Flying Padre, about Fr. Fred Stadmueller, who flew around New Mexico in his Piper Cub, "The Spirit of St. Joseph."

Jeff said...

...and you're right. His eucharistic reference was good.

Maria said...

It seems like all priests do eat well. All those little old church ladies keep them well fed.

I have not seen The Flying Padre. I must check it out. It looks interesting.

Maria said...

I suppose if we look at the Eucharist we see it like a meal as well. Or better we can view our family meal in the same way.