Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Believe In One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church;

Fun little web page with interesting information. My friend and I call churches that splintered off from the Catholic church (I suppose with the exception of the Orthodox) Man-Made Churches. Reading this list, you'll see why.

Who Started Your Church?

Beyond it's overall message, the site has useful information about the Catholic Church as well.


Fran said...

That is pretty interesting! And I love the graphic you have with this post.

Maria said...

I thought it was pretty neat. A friend of mine said it was on the front of a T-shirt that was sold at a Catholic Convention he used to work.

I need to note where I find images better, because I can't recall where I found that image of Christ, but it came up on a random image search for Christ as the Good Shepherd. I thought it was lovely.

I've been trying to catalog all my images... that's going to take a while.

Jeff said...

Ditto on the graphic, and thanks for the link.

You've reminded me of an old friend of mine who called me on the phone a while back, and told me that his church (the Church of Christ) was founded by Jesus Christ in AD 33. When I mildly suggested that the church Jesus founded was actually mine, he told me that the Roman Catholic Church was a false church founded by Pope Boniface in the year 740 or so, and that this "simple fact could be checked in any local library."

And then the fun started...

Maria said...

You're welcome for the link and the image.

Oh, I bet that was a fun conversation with your friend. Aren't you glad to know we've been wrong all these years. Oy.

I was tempted to post the link to my Facebook page, but I didn't want to ruffle any feathers with the ex-Catholics on my friend's list.