Friday, March 28, 2008

Audacity of Letdown...

I'm feeling the post Easter Blues. Could there be such a thing? It was only last week that I went to Mass of the Last Supper, Good Friday Services and Easter Sunday Mass, which all were lovely, spiritual and enriching... and now... I'm home making chicken bowl, potstickers and edaname for dinner. I was talking to a friend today and said that I can't wait for the novena in June in honor of La Conquistadora.

There is no SGA to watch. I have three eps. to watch, including the season finale yet. I'm just sort of muddling through the week. I may do some more work on the blog and get it ready for public display.

ETA: This kind of sums up my thoughts a bit. I know that I certainly can't be alone in my feelings of letdown. I don't feel despair, as I know with Easter comes new life, joy and the hope of life eternal, but at this moment, it's so quiet.

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