Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's Always A Risk When You Try to Believe

Sometimes a line in a song will speak to me, such is the case of the line I quote in the title of this post. I'm sort of in that state of mind. I do believe but to what extent? When I profess the Creed every Sunday at Mass, I really and truly believe. I believe that God sent his Son through his Mother Mary for us. I believe he suffered, died and was buried. I believe he rose again on the third day. I reflect on those words and believe them. No risk there. For thousands of years, those words have been said have created conflict, the Great Schism, anyone? But the foundation of my faith truly comes from those words.

Yet, sometimes, it all seems so unfathomable. Can we really comprehend faith? Is that what faith is, the ability to believe in something that while we can't see, we know it's there, it's real. Is faith something we can grasp, perceive, touch, desire. Is it a trust that we can't comprehend?

I once said to a friend that I'm too afraid to be an atheist. How could I let go of the belief of something- someone-- bigger than myself, something I profess deep within my soul. I know I have a soul. I can feel it, yet I can't prove it.

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