Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How Do You Do...

In May, it will be a year that I've had this blog. It's definitely a work in progress. I have yet to set up my links, reading list and other sites of interest but it's in the works. I still like having this be a private place of contemplation. As far as I know very few people have stumbled upon this blog and that's ok.Quite honestly, I still wonder if I want anyone who knows me in real life to find me... do I really care? I think it's a question of how much do I want to reveal or what do I want to talk about and how personal I'll really get in here. There are things about my culture, my faith and my wanderings in life that I want to talk about and share. I don't post them in my LJ because that's a completely non-private place and the people who may or may not read my journal are probably not interested in my contemplations about my Catholic faith. And again, I think as I segue away from LJ to here, I won't just talk about my faith. It is, however, a place to start. So... in time maybe I'll have a clearer mission or perspective about what I want this place to be.

For now... this is where I am.

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