Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hablo Espanol... Poquito.

Back when I was a kid, I used to speak Spanish. Actually make that high school. I didn't grow up speaking even though all the adults around me could. My parents grew up bilingual, as did my grandparents. I think my paternal grandfather preferred Spanish over English. He was born around 1888, I think.

At one time I knew all my prayers in Spanish. Every now and then at the Mass I attend we recite The Creed and the Our Father in Spanish. I remember the Our Father (mostly, from both CCD as a kid and high school Spanish, but the creed I have to read along in the book. This site, from the Convent of the Paster Noster, where this image comes from, has a few common prayers in Spanish, what's interesting is that it has very old variations of the prayers. They've changed since the late 1500s. That one is dated 1593, just a few years before my ancestors made the journey to what eventually became New Mexico. The one that I most remember is this version. Here are the English Prayers.
The Our Father is translated into many, many languages, so take a look. It's quite something.

ETA: So today we recited The Our Father in Spanish and I totally blanked it. I should have reread this post again.

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