Saturday, March 7, 2009


I'm either getting really old, or am sorrily out of shape. My thighs are sore. I did the Stations of the Cross at my parish last night and I guess I can't handle 13 genuflections and one kneeling.

It was actually quite lovely to see all the people in the church on a dark, windy Friday night. I'm feeling a bit better my Lent. I stayed afterward for Adoration as it was First Friday. Though I just sat there quietly most of the time, it was really soothing and just what I needed.

I'm still struggling with lots of other stuff in my life but it's nice that I can find some peaceful moments from time to time.

Class wasn't a disaster but it wasn't great either. It's definitely good to have more material prepared than not enough. I let the students go outside for the last five minutes. I had to round them up for our final prayer, but they had nervous energy and it was good to get rid of it. It was cold and windy, otherwise I think I would have enjoyed spending part of the class time outside today. There will be nicer days.

In fact, we woke up with a thunder storm and about 10 minutes of pouring rain until the wind blew it all away. For three days it was cloudy and gray, not one drop of moisture. Then we get the moisture and it goes away just like that.

Spring in New Mexico. The bane of my existence right now, just as will the time change tomorrow. I think I'll crash early.

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