Monday, March 30, 2009

New Pictures...

Save me from myself. Now, I've come up with a new photo essay theme. I'm going to try to photograph all the crucifixes in the area that I encounter, which means, I get to play tourist in the days to come. Hey the economy still sucks, why not visit churches? Besides, it might be a really worthwhile Lenten activity.

Today I drove my mother to a funeral at the Cathedral. I had been wanting to photograph the new angels that magically appeared above the sanctuary one day. Maybe God painted them?** Eh, they were painted as part of the renovation project. Below I've posted the pictures I took today. Some are a bit blurry, as flashes are not allowed in the Cathedral and I didn't have a very steady hand because I was trying to be quick. It amazes me all the tourists that come into the Church during the day.

As always I have to get a few shots of La Conquistadora.

She's dressed rather simply and doesn't carry the baby Jesus in her arms.

This is the crucifix in the chapel with La Conquistadora.
It's pretty passionate. I forget if it's Mexican or Spanish. I think Spanish. I didn't jot down the history. I read it every time I go there, but always forget.

I caught an image of it, right behind La Conquistadora at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

I think it really reflects the suffering our Lord felt on that day.

Detail. The agony on his face. The pain. The anguish.
Tidbit: it's real human hair.

This one is on the north side of the church. It is really above the choir seating. There was no information posted near it and so I don't know much about it. This was the best of the three blurry pictures I took.

This is above the sanctuary and the altar of the Cathedral Basilica. The sunbursts seem to be a new addition, I can't recall them before, but I think it helps it stand out. I believe the wall was painted white as well.

One of the angels that magically appeared one day. My picture fails to do it justice. I'll go back one day when I really have time to spend taking pictures. All of the angels are lovely.

There are a few more, but they're all gorgeous. It's amazing how bright the Cathedral looks inside. I don't remember it being so beautiful. Growing up, it always seemed dark inside. My older cousin and I were talking about this at a family dinner. When my family gathers we always manage to talk about our culture, faith and the Church. I guess Catholicism really does flow through my blood.

** Refers to the news about Secretary of State Clinton asking the Monsignor at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica who painted the image of Our Lady on Juan Diego's tilma. I actually saw mention of the question in the mainstream news.

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