Thursday, December 25, 2008

He is Born. Christmas Eve Pictures...

I am a pretty decent photographer-- when I work at it. I snapped pictures from the Children's Mass last night, but not many came out. A tripod would have been nice. Drat, should have asked for one from Santa. Oh yeah, he's not real! I was so frenzied last night, I didn't take a picture of the altar, the sanctuary and the area behind the sanctuary. I forgot to take a picture of the Children's choir too. They were adorable. So, Sunday, I'll get more pictures. (ETA: I have more pics here.)

The Children's Mass was enjoyable, but the energy level was different. I didn't even really feel like I was at Mass becuase I was worried about getting Mary and Joseph down to their spots on time. But all the kids did wonderfully. Thanks to our religious ed director. She's been sick and yesterday had a wave of vertigo yesterday and she was still there to make sure it all went well.

This is probably the only good shot I got.

Our church is very beautiful. It's simple, not pretentious but not stark either. In this picture, it doesn't look all that impressive but it's truly a lovely church. It's very New Mexican in appearance and style.

Then, Mom and I went to the Cathedral Basilica for Midnight Mass celebrated by the archbishop. We arrived early enough for Carols and Lessons and got a decent seat close enough to the front that we had a pretty much unobstructed view from the right side. If you're not sitting in the center, it's hard to see what's happening at the altar sometimes. The Cathedral is gorgeous. It always has been. Last year, when we went, we sat on the side and couldn't see a thing, so this was nice.

For the Mass, La Conquistadora was brought down from her perch in her chapel. She was dressed all in white, very simple and plain. Much like the virgin mother. Usually for other feasts and celebrations she's dressed up worthy of a queen. Anyway, I came to the conclusion that I love to photograph her. I wish that I had the privilege of getting real "close up" shots. Anyway, this shot, I think is my favorite of all the shots of taken of her so far.

I tried to get a decent shot of her and the crucifix hanging in her Chapel. I believe the Crucifix is old and Spanish.

Now the boring part of this post. ;-) Mass was gorgeous. The music was gorgeous. Before Mass started the choir performed an arrangement of the Magnificat by an Anglican Composer, John Rutter. It was lovely. I have the program, maybe I'll try to scan it in. Then Las Posadas followed, with the arrival of Mary and Joseph. I think they were new parents from the parish because they carried their new baby. The manger was blessed and Mass started. Mom and I got home about 1:30, Dad was awake, so we had some pie, coffee and opened our presents like we always do. It was a lovely evening, quiet as I didn't go over my friends' this year. I stopped by my neighbor's and visited for a while though.

I didn't get to bed till four. The older of my two dogs got trapped in my bedroom last night and left me a lovely gift, even better than coal. So, had to deal with that. I slept really late and am now going to get my butt over to my parents' house so I can play with their new presents. I got Dad a digital picture frame and Mom an e-book reader, so obviously they don't know what to do with them.

I may dig out my other nativity set or maybe Mom's old set and put it up. I feel like doing that this year. And I'll go without El Caganer until I can get to Spain one day and buy one.

Merry Christmas to everyone out there! I hope it was a blessed and joyous one.


Jeff said...

Nice pictures. A couple of our kids (the ones in parochial school) were in a living nativity Christmas pageant, but we had it before Christmas Eve.

It is a beautiful church you have there. I love that Spanish crucifix.

I'm glad to hear that you had a nice Christmas, even if it was a relatively quiet one, save for the incident with the dogs. :-)

Maria said...

Thank you! I was really pleased at how the second two pictures came out. I was way over on the other side of the church, but my little Cannon is a great camera.

It sounds like you had a nice Christmas too. Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Maria said...

P.S. the kids playing Joseph and Mary were wonderful and the little donkey was Mary's baby sister. She was so nervous.

It was nice to see the kids so engaged in the Mass. I also liked that they were acknowledged as well.

I know there are lots of Catholics who dislike special Masses for Children, but I thought it was really nice.