Thursday, December 25, 2008

Update of Sorts

Psst, Jeff!

The Labradoodle went home last night. I got home after Mass last night and stopped by my parents' house and he was gone. The owner had picked him up. My mom was really, really sad too. She wanted to keep her. She told the owner that she'd like to have her and he said if he decides to give her up, he'll give her to my mom. :-(

She really is a sweet dog. Now, I must get dressed and go catch me a wild, Poodle Doodle. I guess their dog got out. Grr. He's not one who comes back either.


Jeff said...

Ah, shucks. Oh well. At least he does have an owner. I hope the owner keeps better tabs on him from now on.

We had a couple of poodles when I weas growing up - Francois and Susette. I was visiting my aunt with the kids not too long ago, and the poodle from next door came over to romp around and to have her tummy scratched. My kids just loved her. My oldest daughter is allergic to just about every kind of animal there is, even a bijon, but she had no reaction to the poodle's hair. Hmmm. Might have to think about getting a dog...

Maria said...

I grew up with a miniature poodle named Jo-Jo. He was big for a miniature and my mother adored him. She had him before they had me. He apparently didn't like me much and would try to push over the cradle. I guess he got used to me. I loved him. Then we lost him. We ended up with a nutty poodle who would sing and was very spiteful. He "went" away. Our third poodle was either stolen or ran off. He was a nice dog but vanished.

I'm really allergic to dogs but I guess I've learned to live with them. I wouldn't give up my dogs but I think I'd get something more hypoallergenic next time. I just like having a mostly shepherd dog and a mostly lab dog, so I don't know, but I do know that I can't live without a dog.

Yet, I know that allergies suck.