Sunday, December 28, 2008

I can't believe it's Sunday already. It was so cold all day long. The wind puts a damper on things. First thing this morning, I went out early to get some cash and something to eat, then came home to get ready for Mass. I usually go to the 11;30, mostly because I'm lazy on the weekend and can't get up early enough to make it to the earlier Masses. I then ventured to Mass. After I got home, I lazed around most of the day watching the History Channel. At least it didn't air any religious programs in which to yell back at the TV like I always do. Still, I totally hibernate in the winter. I've been watching "The Sound of Music" all evening. I finally got online and checked my LJ, my email and chatted online for a bit with a friend. I am now getting hungry. Go figure that I ate a late lunch and forgot to eat dinner.

Meanwhile, I found another article in today's paper about the celebration of the city's 400th and as well as the anniversary of the founding of the St. Francis Parish. This time it was a about a local photographer who has created a lovely calendar of various images of the Cathedral Basilica. It's here at the Santa Fe New Mexican Website if you're interested in looking at it. I may have to buy it as I'm sure it's worth the $19 and goes to a worthy cause too.

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