Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So glad it's just wheat and water.

I'm still giggling about my dream about the priest handing our bagel slices as Communion at Mass. I think I'm even more amused that I yelled at him for doing it in the dream. I still wonder about the state of my unconscious mind sometimes. I think I do my best writing when I'm sleeping.

Anyway, way back when, the Carmelite nuns here in town used to bake all our communion bread, but from what I understand they don't do that anymore. Their numbers are dwindling and they just can't. So I know for my parish, our bread is ordered. I wonder if we get them at the place in the video below? And the bread that the priest breaks tastes better than the little round hosts. Though... paraphrasing one of the guy's in the video says, it's not the taste that counts.

Watch. Enjoy. This video is really fascinating. First seen at Deacon's Bench who saw it someplace else.

Now... I shall go watch TV. I have the first of the two Stargate SG1 series ending movies and I feel like getting lost in SciFi fantasy for a while.


Garpu said...

That was actually really interesting. I'm not sure where we get ours from...they're in unmarked plastic (sealed) bags.

Maria said...

After watching the video I'd love to know where we get ours. It's like the bread the priest breaks seems almost homemade. It has a different look and texture than the round hosts we get, with the simple crosses down the middle. I also noticed it tastes different. I hope Jesus doesn't mind me being aware of the taste. ;-)