Friday, December 5, 2008

No Content Yet Today

Just a pretty picture of Mother and Child. I'm not used to seeing Asian portrayals of the Virgin and Child, so I scanned this when I got home yesterday. It's on the cover of Today's Missal, the Advent-Lent edition, which I was fortunate to get a copy yesterday. Our parish uses "Breaking Bread" which only gives synopses of the readings and my mom likes to follow along so I'm giving her this copy. I thought I'd get her a Sunday Missal for Christmas but I'm not sure yet.

Photo credit: It's a 20th Century painting on oil from The Korean School. I thought it was pretty.


Jeff said...

I love those Asian Madonna & Child scenes! I wanted to do a post once about the Nagasaki Martyrs, and I was looking everwhere for something like this. Nice image.

Maria said...

It is lovely, isn't it? I'm so used to seeing art being so Euro-Centric or Spanish Colonial that it's nice to see something different. It makes us also realize that our faith and Catholic culture is vast and wide.

Oh, a post on the Nagaski Martyrs would be fabulous. I haven't seen much by way of images but I bet they're out there, somewhere.

Garpu said...

OH heck. I was going to post some schmaltz, wasn't I?

Maria said...

Oh yeah... you were, weren't you? It's not like it's a contest of who can find the schmaltzyist images though.

I bet I have tons and tons on my computer.