Tuesday, December 2, 2008

With all the uproar about female altar servers, (I'm following a post at the Deacon's Bench) can you imagine what would happen if the Swiss Guard actually allowed women to serve?

Just a little snark for the day.

h/t to Clerical Whispers for the article. That blog is like my guilty pleasure. I can't imagine how Father has time to compile all the news he posts. I'm glad he does. He posts everything-- good, bad, sad-- and I read it all. Well, at least skim it. ;-)


Jeff said...

If they ever try to tell my two daughters that they can't serve anymore, they're going to have a real problem.

Not that they love doing it all the time, but they'd be madder'n hornets if someone told them they couldn't anymore.

Maria said...

If I had a child, I certainly still hope to, I'd encourage him or her to serve if it's something that he or she wanted to do. I get that my hopefully future daughter wouldn't get to be a priest and I'd make sure she'd understand that but I couldn't ever think of discouraging her from wanting to serve. I don't foresee it being a problem where I live, as we have both and I expect that we will have both-- unless some edict from Rome comes down and takes away the right for girls to serve.

I really do hate when politics, stupidity and other nonsense gets in the way of my faith.