Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You Learn Something New Everyday

Interesting the things I learn on the Internets by aimless surfing. I started here with a post on the Deacon's Bench about people being upset that Obama had asked Rick Warren give the incovation at the Inauguration, then read the original article, and in the comments, someone suggested instead of Rick Warren giving the invocation, that the Chaplain of the US House of Representatives do so. (Near the end of the comments.) My first thought, was nah, they wouldn't want him to because he's a Catholic-- yeah, I'm that cyncial and jaded right now. (I was pretty sure the Chaplain was a Catholic) so I did some surfing and discovered that Father Daniel Coughlin is the first Catholic to hold the post. He's been the Chaplain since 2000. The history of the Chaplaincy is pretty interesting, read about it here. Furthermore, the Senate appears not to have had a Catholic chaplain... yet.

As to my own thoughts on Rick Warren. I think that they could have gotten someone else too. I don't particularly care for Rick Warren or his message at all. I think his package is presented much tighter and much nicer than the the other TV preachers out there but it's pretty much the same message. Not feeling overly coherent right now to talk more about why I feel this way in depth. Cop out, I know.


I stand corrected. The Senate had a Catholic chaplain way back in the old days. I didn't see it as I scrolled through this list. I certainly didn't expect to see a Catholic chaplain so far back in Senate history.

Charles Constantine Pise, D.D.

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Date of Appointment: December 11, 1832

Replaced by

Frederick Winslow Hatch, D.D.

Denomination: Episcopalian

Date of Appointment: December 10, 1833

It looks like those were yearly appointments, but it appears that has changed in recent history.

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