Saturday, December 6, 2008

How's This For Schmaltz??

Of course this is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I watch it every Christmas night. I curl up on the couch, with a blanket, some hot chocolate and dessert. I usually watch it alone, but I don't mind having company either.

I think that's a lot of schmaltz. What do you think, Jen and Jeff?

Also, Google images have digitized the pictures from Life Magazine through the years. Man, I know where I'm going to waste time. These are the Christmas images.


Garpu said...

More schmaltz than a chicken rendering plant... ;)

Maria said...

Okay good.

You know I think my ex-works at a Chicken rendering plant... well, a chicken farm at any rate.

Jeff said...

I love this film. I quote from it all the time.

Although, I have to say... You know the scene where he comes home all irritable and there's pandemonium in the house, and he's snapping at everybody, and he takes the knob off the banister railing, and he's ready to chuck the thing?

I feel like that every night when I come hom from work. What's the big deal?

Just kidding. Sort of... :-)

Maria said...

I love that scene too. It's so damn realistic. Sometimes coming home is the most stressful part of the day because after working all day, there's still work to be done at home. Every time I walk into my kitchen and see the tile work that needs to be finished after TWO years I go a little nuts.