Wednesday, December 3, 2008

North American Anglicans to Split

According to the BBC, the Anglican Church in North America is going to split and form a more traditional fold in the US and Canada. This news doesn't surprise me. We've been watching the Episcopal church struggle lately. I also didn't expect that these more Conservative Anglicans would knock on on Rome's door or cross the Tiber en mass. I think we'll see handfuls of priests and bishops, like New Mexico's Bishop Steenson cross over, maybe one parish or so but that's probably it. Of course, I can't predict a thing so maybe we'll see more, but only God knows.


Garpu said...

It seems like a lot of the conservative Anglicans are none too friendly to the Pope, either. wish 'em the best, and I'm sad to hear they're splitting.

Maria said...

It's like they like so much of what Catholicism is-- the traditions, the liturgies, rituals, Communion, but don't like the Pope or Rome, or the dogmas that make the Church the Church.

It's like they are the true "Cafeteria Catholics".