Thursday, March 5, 2009

In the News

Pope Pius XII ordered monks to shelter Jews to save them from persecution by the Nazis. I want to keep this link handy in case someone brings up this subject on the Sephardic Geneology list I read. From time to time, this subject comes up and other topics which end up turning to some Catholic bashing. Last week, someone posted a link to a Chick Track and another horribly anti-Christian link.

This is just a email list for talking about and tracing Sephardic ancestry, it's not a religious list. Yet, inevitably, someone finds a way to prostelyze or bring up religion. Often Catholicism gets the majority of bashing, most often from other "Christians" than the Jewish members of the list.

It does get a bit frustrating sometimes that people can't play in the sandbox together.

Don't know what prompted me to this post.

In related news, two very nicely dressed young men showed up on my parents' doorstep preaching the Good News. Dad answered the door but didn't say if they were Mormon missionaries or Jehovah Witnesses. What ever Dad said they didn't stay long enough to engage them in conversation. I saw them walking down the street after visiting a house. It must take a lot of guts or faith to go door-to-door spreading the Good News.


Garpu said...

Yeah, I've got someone on my friend's list, who's into Catholic bashing and bashing of pro-lifers. It's...tiresome, to say the least.

Maria said...

I have the other extreme on my friend's list. Lately some of the really conservative Catholics--from that community we love so much--friend me and I'm a sucker, I friend back most times. So, I guess I get the Catholic-on-Catholic type bashing.

Tiresome is the right word for it.

Jeff said...

Did someone leave a Jack Chick post here? I've had an anti-Catholic troll (who claims to be a Catholic himself) dogging me and just about everyone I associate with online for about a year and a half. I have my page redirecting him to Jack Chick's website now.

You were looking for a good Lenten read? Henri Nouwen always works for me. May I suggest one that fits in well with both the Lenten season and with these tough economic times? The Selfless Way of Christ: Downward Mobility and the Spiritual Life. It was a very short read, but also very good.

Maria said...

No. Not here. On a Jewish Genealogy mailing list I subscribe to. 400 years ago, some of my ancestor were probably Sephardic Jews and since I'm trying (not very hard these days)to research my family tree, I subscribed to this list. From time to time there is some anti-Catholic bashing but the other day someone posted a link to a Jack Chick tract. I was kinda fortunate that I didn't know who Jack Chick was till a few years ago. Thank God.

Oh, I like Henri Nouwen. I might give that a try. Thanks. :-)

Garpu said...

bug me on IM or the like, and I can give you the scoop about the troll we've been having issues with.

Maria said...

Posted to LJ my AIM screen name.