Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guess what? Tonight, I got a promotion, went from Catechist to Priest in the span of a day. This evening we had rehearsal for First Communion and the religious ed director made me Father Maria. See, who needs Holy Orders?!

I'm only kidding about all this. Sad to say, much to the dismay of my little feminist heart, I'm ok with a male only priesthood in the Catholic Church, but still it was fun playing pretend for a while.

The children are ready and it's going to be a lovely day on Saturday. But I seem to be getting the cold from hell! Grr.


Jeff said...

Congratulations "Father Maria", on your "ordination" and also for finishing up your religious ed classes for the year. :)

Just a quick not to say that I've really appreciated your beautiful posts below on EOMs, the reception of the eucharist by the children and the Easter Vigil. It sounds like you found quite a bit of grace in this Easter season after all, :)

Maria said...

Thanks Jeff! That means a lot. I'm glad to see you aren't throwing in the blogging towel and I've been meaning to go back to your Wordpress blog. It looks like it will be a good one.

I've been really blessed this year. I did teach the children something and I was so proud of them tonight. I'll write up something tomorrow, but when the real priest, ;) quizzed them during his homily, the hands that went up were MY STUDENTS and I was so proud of that. But while I taught them something, they taught me a whole lot more.