Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Piecing Guernica Together

Still awake. Still restless. Avoiding going to bed, though I really should. Nothing on TV. The muses are ignoring me completely. I've turned off the special: "Jesus the Man" on the National Geographic channel. I also missed the repeat of the PBS special "Jerusalem" and what I caught of that the other night was interesting.

However, I have decided that I"m going (to try) to avoid all things having to do with religion and Catholicism for a while, except for the day to day things I do offline. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this week. I'm not sure which Good Friday service I'll attend. I might flip a coin between my parish where the Confirmation students will present the Passion of Our Lord, or the Schola Cantorum of Santa Fe will perform it at Our Lady of Guadalupe. Both will be quite moving I'm sure.

Anyway, this post is actually supposed to be about Guernica, the famous painting by Pablo Picasso. I've always been fascinated by the painting. I could probably write a story based upon the images and characters in the story. Someday, I will write something set in that era.

The BBC posted an interesting article online about Picasso's famous anti-war painting. It speculates the hidden meanings in the painting. I wonder if the writer has been reading Dan Brown or maybe he, himself, will find a scandalous plot and write it about this painting.

What else? I did go to Mass today. It would be really nice to go more often during the week, but it's often hard for me to make it to daily Mass. I really should go to bed as last night was a bad one. I couldn't sleep and I'm extra sleepy tonight. I'll try to do some spiritual reading before I go to bed. Tomorrow, it's the dogs to the vet, catch up at the office and the gym. Really. Just watch... I'll make a whiny post about it all tomorrow.

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