Saturday, April 11, 2009

Local Good Friday New Stories and More

First off, weather here on Good Friday is always weird. Yesterday, a little before noon it got really nasty and continued to be nasty most of the afternoon. It calmed down a bit later in the day but when my Mom and I went to church for services it was windy and cold. Everything was incredibly moving and poignant. The Passion was presented by the Confirmation students. We had the Veneration of the Cross and Communion, followed by an opportunity for personal veneration of the cross.

I really don't have much by way of personal reflections right now, but I might revisit this post later, if I think of something to add. But Father Martin, SJ, posted a nice piece at America about Holy Thursday. Go read it. It's worth it. While you're there, read his Good Friday reflection too.

This weather today is absolutely dreadful, which I suppose is apropos for "Holy Thursday". I think a gloomy day on Holy Saturday is truly appropriate, after all Jesus isn't really with us on this day. It's rained, snowed, the wind has blown like crazy. I have a sinus headache and a bloody nose. I took a nap hoping I'd feel better but of course I feel worse. If I miss the Easter Vigil tonight, I don't think anyone will miss me. I've never been to the Vigil so, I'd like to go and experience it once, especially after reading all about it earlier today.

In other news, the governor and the archbishop are going to Rome, so that the governor can be honored for his signing the repeal to of the death penalty. The comments in the comments section are full of win. Guh... people on the Internet! Imagine that?

The annual coverage of the pilgrimage to Chimayo in the local papers.

The Santa Fe New Mexican here.

The Journal North Chimayo story here and the Archbishop visited the prison yesterday to lead a Good Friday service.

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