Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Overlooked Again.

Whew! This humble blogger is relived to note that I have not been nominated for the Crescat's Cannonball 2009 awards or any blog award ever. If this blog ever got nominated for any kind of blog award I think I'd fall out of my chair in hysterics. I read the Crescat's blog from time to time, I enjoy the religious art and iconography that she posts most of all. She seems to be a popular blogger and well... I've never hung with the cool kids, so I think I like my little quiet space on the blogosphere.

I don't really link this blog much around the blogosphere. I do watch the site feed and those of you who don't block your IP, I am curious to see where you do come from. Often, most are links that come from places where I leave comments in blogs or forums, often you stop by via my LJ profile and some are totally wacky spam bots who just crawl around looking at blogs to spam. My com box is usually pretty quiet, I wish more people would say hello and exchange comments every now and then. It's not a political blog, nor a theological blog. I'm not striving to be a professional Catholic blogger either. I suppose if anyone wanted to pay me for blogging I'd happily blog for money.

I really thought I'd make some grand posts about Catholicism in the 21st Century, but really, it's just about my reflections as a Catholic finding her own place within the Church. I'm not great at articulating my spiritual and inspirational thoughts. Quite honestly, I've always been very guarded about talking about the God, religious and spiritual stuff. I've never been able to voice those thoughts well. I am truly in awe of those people who can write about how the Holy Spirit works within their lives, or how they can relate to something Jesus said in his teachings or how an Old Testament psalm can express exactly what they're feeling. I'm sure deep within myself I can find and do all these things, but I'm not ready yet to share these feelings in my blog.

The most I can do right now is read, study, learn and grow. I hope in time, the ability to share my own reflections and thoughts will come. In time, I'll just muddle through it the best I can in this blog.


Anonymous said...

Saying hello. :) I found your blog link on your LJ profile. I mostly lurk on the catholicism community there (I tend to be very shy!). I like reading what you have to say, so I hope you keep up the blogging. --Annabel

Maria said...

Hi Annabel,

Thanks for the comment and dropping by my little blog. I'll keep blogging over here, but I'm definitely not in it for the recognition like those big bloggers are. Though, it's nice when comments do pop in the com box from time to time.

I recognized your name from the Catholicism community. I'm actually going to try to be quiet for a while round there. But I do enjoy the interaction most times.

HOpe to see you around,