Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Harder and Harder to Breathe

It's been a sad few days here in Santa Fe. When bad things happen, I realize that I still live in a small town. Granted the population is on the rise and once the city annexes all the areas it plans to in the next few years, we'll be pushing a population of nearly 90,000, but as I said it's a small town. On Sunday morning, four teens were killed in a horrible accident by an alleged drunk driver. The toxicology reports aren't back but it seems highly likely he was drunk. I'm sad for the teens, their parents and friends. A friend of mine knew one of the girls. She was close to her family and her daughter. It's been really sad here.

I'm pretty ambivalent and am not really grief stricken as I don't have a personal connection to these kids, but the fact that four teens died when they shouldn't have is tragic. Of course, I'm sad, how can anyone not be sad? I'm also outraged. New Mexico may have tough DWI laws on the books, but it seems like that's where they are. They don't seem to be in use. We have one of the worst rates of drunk driving in the nation. I think I saw on the news we're #9 in the country. It's shameful to read the local news. Today a police officer for the city made news when was arrested for DWI over the weekend, there was a nother piece about a young man with 23 DWI arrests and nothing was done about it. I just don't get it.

I hate stupid people. I am really intolerant to people who drink and then drive. Of course, I have issues regarding drinking as it is but that's another story and too personal to share in this blog. That's probably all I will post about this but I wanted to rant a little bit.

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