Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Say Yes To God

These are thoughts I wrote down in my journal after today's Mass. Most of my ideas come from the morning's homily, so I'm probably doing nothing but paraphrasing what the priest said, but in any event, this is what I came away with today.

Be like Mary and let your spirit magnify and rejoice in the Lord. When we are weak, we are strong. Be poor in spirit and God will be there and fill our lives with all that we need. Riches on Earth are not gifts from God and they don't guarntee that we are a assured a place in Heaven. God fills and lifts up the lowly, just like he did with Mary-- she understood this and proclaimed in her beautiful "Magnifcat" that:
"He has looked with favor on his lowly servant."
Mary was the first disciple of Christ and she let God fill her heart. Though, she felt unworthy, she said yes to God. We need to be like Mary and say yes to God. If we trust in God, we will be strong. Our riches are in the Lord-- in Jesus our Savior. Trust in Him to be redeemed and saved.

God casts down the proud, the wicked, but raises the humble, gives good things to the poor. We should love God with our soul, we should proclaim his greatness and rejoice in Him, just as our Blessed Mother did.

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Sr.Helen said...

I liked what you said. The only thing I would add to it that not only do we love God with our soul, but with all of our heart and mind, the First Great Commandment.

I'm so happy you got a good homily. It wasn't in the card tonight for one, just a repeat of the Gospel.

Maria said...

Oh great addition. You are right about that.

We had a good one today, really! I felt very good after Mass today.

I'm sitting out back and while i have some light, I'll add the other thoughts and reflections I've written down in my journal.