Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Little Bit More

It's day six of the Novena. I am writing my reflections down each day and trying to think about what I'm going to blog. I've been taking photographs, but I'm probably not going to post many.

It has been a glorious week that in addition to the Novena, I've been able to accomplish a few personal things. I've been going to the gym and getting in some good, healthy walking. I think I'll be back to my fast walking pace in another week or two. I'm enjoying the exercise and in just the two weeks I've been back at it, I feel a lot better and think I look a tad bit better. That's more wishful thinking than anything, but the energy level is back up, which is a good thing. I have put off the heavy yard work, as between the Novena, what work I've had and the exercise, I'm too tired to play in the garden.

I've also picked up my prayer life again. I've been praying the Office a bit more regularly and it really does enhance my mornings and evenings when I pray Lauds and Vespers. Granted, I'm always praying them later than I should, but I can't start and end my day without them.

I also finally got around to exchanging a birthday present. I was given Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life-- he is so not my favorite religious figure out there-- and I was stumped as to why I was given that book. It seemed odd to me. So, I ended up with a Sunday Missal and I bought a book about New Mexico Santos. I feel so much better now.

I have family coming in later today and the rest of my extended family is getting together for a steak fry up in the mountains. I am looking forward to it but am dreading it as well because I'm so tired. I got up late this morning 5 am, but was on time to the chapel for Mass. It was nice, however my favorite day is always Friday, not because it's my parish's day, it may be part of it, but it's always just the best Mass. The music is always traditional and well done, it's uplifting and just fills the chapel with joyful noise, Father's homily is always top notch and he sings most of the Mass. Both our deacons serve and it just feels really special. Sunday morning is probably a close second, though on Tuesday there is also always a great homily and a lovely choir.

Also, I shouldn't probably pick a favorite day and post it, should someone local ever discover this blog, it will appear that I am biased and I don't want that. Honestly, each day is special in its own way and I'm sure the members of the particular parishes feel just as strongly about their parish's day as I feel about mine. Odd thing is there is one parish in town in the years that I've been attending the Novena that doesn't sponsor a day and I wonder why.

Well that sums up why I'm not really blogging much this week, but I will be back later when I have something really interesting to share. Off to get ready for the picnic. Grr. What happened to the monsoon rains? And I actually helped plan this family event, so I have to go!

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