Sunday, July 26, 2009

So Much More Aware

Guh... I have no clue where to start this post or what else to post about right now. I have a few thoughts about today's readings. While, Father was talking about how all fragments were important and should not be left behind, for a second, an image of the crumbs of Jesus being left behind and I got a bit sad about that. I'm in an emotionally weird place. I've been to too many funerals this week.

Also, I'm really tired these days. Tired of fighting with my dad. Tired of bad news. Tired of teens being killed in stupid accidents, probably caused by drunk drivers. It's been a long week because one of my young cousins was killed in a horrible accident. It didn't make a lot of media coverage here, like the one last month. In some ways, I'm glad about that, but in other ways, I think teens (well everyone) should know just how precious life is and how easily it can end.

Right now I think I'm still numb. My cousin's mother is one of my older first cousins, but for the most part my extended family is pretty close. Every now and then I have lunch with my cousins. We call it the cousns' lunch. Three of the four of us don't have sisters, two of us are only children and the one who lost her daughter, lost her closest sister and nephew in a tragic accident three years ago. She has two other sisters but doesn't spend much time with them, so it's the cousins who've come together in a new-found friendship and sisterhood of sorts. For all our differences, I have a great time with my cousins. I joke that I'm the baby still. And the death her daughter has hit us all quite hard.

I saw this young, beautiful woman grow up. I got to know her in the last couple of years, as she blossomed into a bright, charming young lady, with lots of promise, hopes and dreams. Knowing she's gone, there is an ache and sadness in my heart. For many other reasons, which I won't mention in this blog, the week was sad and stessful. I was glad on Friday when there wasn't a day to see each other and mourn.

I didn't intend to post about this and I may come back and edit it and revise it, but I must say, thank God for our faith. I couldn't imagine how a parent could get through the loss of a child and not have a faith in God to get him or her through it all.


Jeff said...

That's awful news. You and your family have had such a terrible run of months now. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Maria said...

We've had some bad things. I was joking with my and my aunt who came for the funeral, that I could write a novel based on our family, that would be right up there with the Lifetime movies of the week.

My cousin has certainly had her fair share of tragedy lately. :(

Thanks for the prayers.