Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wild Life In the City

I've been exchanging comments with Jeff at Aun Estamos Vivos about this post, which is a must read, if we as believers are going to understand and engages in discussion with atheists and secular humanists.

But we started talking about coyotes in the comments. I don't think I posted these pictures here. But this is one of the breeding adults in the coyote pack that lives in my neighborhood. I think this is the male and the female was keeping watch. I was just out dog walking with only one of my dogs that night, I'd left Barkley home because it was late and I wanted to do a fast walk around the dirt trails in back of my house. My subdivision is all fenced in, which includes the turf of the coyotes.

There are a few more coyote pictures in this album, plus some other shots around my neighborhood. But this was my favorite shot from that night. It was getting late and we weren't too far away. He was surprisingly patient with us, considering my dog probably outweighed him by 30 pounds. He and his mate followed us a bit after we were done. We cut through their territory to get to the path and they didn't really care for that. Surely, they were protecting their pups.


Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

Hey, thanks for the tag!

Shoot, well those coyote are big enough. Very bold too. Nice shots. You must have felt a bit nervous taking them, even having the dog with you.

Billy Crystal once did a very funny routine about encountering coyote in the Southwest. I wish I could find a clip of it.

I can't top the coyote pix. Best I can do is wild turkeys in the yard, even though we get deer too. :)

Maria said...

Hee! Wild turkeys. That's cute. I don't think I'd want to tangle with them.

These coyotes are pretty scrappy. They usually run away when we come walking with the dogs. I don't know what possessed that one to say in my view long enough for me to snap some pictures, but he didn't seem to mind. I can't guess how far away we were, I did zoom the lens a bit, but if you looked at the album, for perspective, the picture of my parish church is 3 miles out and the train maybe half a mile or so.

Honestly, I haven't given it much thought to worry. I think if I had little dogs, I might.