Monday, July 6, 2009

What Kind of Catholic Am I?

I think just a Catholic. Though, I've been told that I'm a closeted rad-trad, which I kind of agree wtih. I think I took this quiz at once, but I can't find my original result. I'm a Moderate Traditional Catholic according to the my result. 72 out of 100.

I love that they link to an article from "Father Oprah" about making love last. I hope he knew what he was talking about, as he is now a married, well, not really married man.


Jeff said...

Ha, how about that! I scored a 71 when I took that same quiz a while back. I gues you're just a wee bit more trad than I am.

Just a quick note to say thanks for the kind remark you gave me at Perspective. I appreciate it. :)

Maria said...

Hee... just by one point. I think when I took it the first time I was in the 60's. How could I get more conservative?

I wanted to jump into the thread over there, but I couldn't argue as well as you did. For what it's worth, I totally agree with you. I do believe in the perpetual virginity of Mary and that the brothers and sisters are cousins or step cousins because it makes the most sense, because there is no other real proof otherwise and not just because my Church says so!

Anyway, I did think you made some rather cogent and good arguments, too bad others have to belittle and belabor the point.