Thursday, July 16, 2009

Have A Little Faith

The Archdiocese of Washington blog had a wonderful post reminding us all about the joy of dogs. At the end was a video of a two-legged dogs named "Faith". Watch the video at the end. You'll smile, maybe cry happy tears but you will be amazed at this wonderful dog.

Still missing Barkley like crazy around the Casa de Maria but Estrella and I are doing ok. The vet's office called to say his ashes were ready for me to pick up last week. I have yet to get them, but will go tomorrow as I have to be in and around town tomorrow. For days Estrella didn't really talk to me nor did she want to eat, but I attribute some of that to the heat. Anyway, it will be better in time around here.

Estrella will lounge anywhere, even when the cover to her bed is being washed.


Jeff said...

Just read the Barkley story (gone as of July 2). So sorry to hear about that. Sounds like he was a great pooch. Still chasing coyotes until the end, eh?

Maria said...

Thanks. He was an amazing dog. It was a long week last week, I can't decide if I'm going to blog about it or not, but I finally picked up his ashes from the vet's and it was touching to see that they made a clay paw print for me, so that I could remember him.

My other dog finally started "talking" to me. She's also come upstairs at night to sleep by my bed again. She took it hard.

That night when I heard the yip, I was sure a coyote had gotten him. In the end, I think the coyote was bigger as he'd lost 15 pounds in a year, but no, Barkley scared the poor coyote off.

It's amazing how our pets touch our lives and become part of our families. Losing them is hard.