Thursday, September 18, 2008

Amazon Prime... is evil...

Maybe it's the Anti-Christ. Ok, probably not, but I did watch a repeat of History Channel's special from 2005 on the Anti-Christ and sat there trying to keep from yelling at the idiots passed off as biblical scholars, experts on End Times and preposterous theories that have been disproven and never come to pass historically. As a Catholic, I don't believe in the rapture. I don't even believe the Book of Revelation was written to predict the End of Days. I think it was written at a time when the early Christians were worried about their very existence and lives. But... I must admit that I found it amusing to watch Ted Haggard (The New Life Pastor who got diddling with another man, who of course, publically condemned homosexualities) impart the viewers with his wisedom about the rapture. Oh... man... I know it's not very Christian of me to be so amused. I'm definitely not a Biblical scholar but I have an inkling of intelligence to know that not everything in the Bible should be taken literally. It must be carefully interpreted. I might start quoting from my 3rd grade Catechism book... I must take a step back and breath now. ;-)

Speaking of Catechism. I am going to teach 3rd grade catechism and sacramental classes at my parish. I am incredibly nervous and apprehensive about it, but I'm also very, very exciting and looking forward to it very much. I need to keep repeating my new mantra, "while they know a lot at that age, I still know more than they do."

So... back to my original point. Why is Amazon prime evil? Because I get free shipping when I order things and they show up on my door step mighty fast. This last shipment was a big box of books. Religious books. I usually buy novels and fiction on the spot at Borders. Amazon, with Amazon Prime, everything is so much cheaper in the end and it arrives in a couple of days, so if I find it at Borders and can order it I do. So... I have a few new books to add to my list of books by my night table. Besides a few new novels, I have St. Therese's Story of a Soul, The Pope's Jesus of Nazerth, I also have some writings of Blessed Teresa and some thoughts and reflections from Henri Nouwen which, along with Mother Teresa's book, were recommended to me last week in the middle of an emotional, hormonal crisis. I also have some Bible study reference guides and a new study Bible. So Amazon is going to think I like religious books and exercise equipment these days. ;-)

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