Saturday, September 20, 2008

Who needs drugs to get high...

I have something better, I have a class full of Third Graders! I made it through my first Catechism class. I thought I was prepared, I thought I knew the lessons, I thought I knew what to do, but nothing in a book can prepare you for the real-life experience that is teaching Catechism. It was great. I have an energy level that I haven't had in a while, I could probably, and should probably work it off at the gym. Honestly, it feels very much like the post-work out endorphins I get after a work out. Of course, I can't recall what that feels like, it's been at least a month.

Anyway, I'll spend this week really preparing. Honestly, I needed to know what it was like before I could really prepare. It was awkward, some of the children were late, but it seemed to go all right. At least I hope so. Those years of doing kids' care with Campfire should prove useful.

The kids seem great. Some are quite, others extroverted, some like to talk, others not so much. Some have more energy than a hummingbird, others not so much.

I think once I know their names, know what to do and what to expect, I'll have it mastered. Ok, not mastered but at least more controlled. I will definitely look for ideas and other activities that I can use next week. We went through the chapter pretty quickly, so I think we can get through the whole book before the end of the year, but I need to get them to focus. I need to focus. I might actually practice my lesson before next week's class.

Receiving the Eucharist for the First Time.

I know in my heart and in my mind that I can do this, but it's really easy to fall into self-doubt. I do feel that God lead me to this ministry and I believe I can teach the children something about faith, Christ and the Church, and they can teach me the same things. I know I will learn with the children as we take this journey together. God willing we'll all come through the year together stronger in our faith and closer to God and we will celebrate together when they receive their First Holy Communion.

Me after Mass that day.

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