Friday, September 26, 2008

For Me Mostly...

I know if I put these links in here, I'll find them again and it will be easier than looking through my bookmarks. I may put them in a separate category in the side bar later, after I know what I've got.

Our Sunday Visitor, Teaching Catholic Kids section.

Blest Are We. The website for the text book my parish uses.

Catechist. The online companion for the magazine.

Catechetical Resources Many many activities for kids are here. These are games.

Catholic Catechist. I joined their email list. We'll see if I find some support. They have Free Resources too.

Catholic Kids. I found some humor related stories I might be able to use. This seems to be more of a parent related site, but had some good links which lead me to the resources above. Same with Catholic Parenting.

Searchable Website with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Not sure if these are especially Catholic, but Questions Kids Ask.

Family Pages by Plfaum Publishing.

Educational Programs and Catechist Resources at Loyola Press.

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