Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where Are The Muses?

So, I'm sort of cross-posting things from LiveJournal into here. Anyway, this is the latest.

Things with the parents seem to be slightly more under control. I'm paying all the bills now. Dad's ok... but it worries me when he gets so foggy. I still think he's over medicated. We had a serious talk yesterday about my short-term goals, wants and desires. He was actually supportive. I seriously do need to get a better job before year's end. I don't know if I can continue to do real estate in an ever-slowing market and who knows when we'll hit bottom and I don't think it will get better for quite some time, no matter who gets elected. So... I'm going to go on the serious job hunt, if I'll be able to find one. Oh, there's a part-time web thingy I should apply for at one of the radio stations here in town.

I'm so procrastinating about everything these days. I think it's an end of summer sort of malaise. I don't want the summer to end even though I love fall so much. At least it's warm that I can still sit outside and enjoy my back patio. However, I've already put the down blanket on my bed because it's getting cold at night. Ah, life in the desert. My allergies are wiping me out. It's chamisa and yellow-stinky flower season 'round these parts, so I'm living on Claritin right now. Still, the sky is golden, the trees are starting to turn on the mountain, and the roadsides are dotted by purple and gold wildflowers. The light has that soft, muted hue and it's just gorgeous here. It seemed like it happened overnight. Fall is my favorite season of all seasons. Yeah, I know, it's not fall for another few days. If feels like it. It's crisp and chilly.

I think it's an early night tonight. I'll either do some reading or fight with the muses. I can't end either of my stories. I may dig "Andrew" out of the character box and write more of his story. He is fun. Or, perhaps, work on some other semi-fleshed out story beginnings for other stories, but bed might be best.

I really need to watch and listen to my Catechism DVDs. I teach my first class on Saturday. I've been studying the teacher's guide for a while now, I've been looking up resources online and am preparing myself for 18 third-graders. I'm teaching straight from the book, but I'm still nervous. I keep telling myself I know more than they do. I know more than they do... heh! I've been assured there is a music CD in which we can sing along with, because there is no way I'm going to lead the group in song! Then starting in October, for 12 nights till April, I start to teach the sacramental classes-- the kids will make their first Confessions in January and then their First Holy Communions in May. That will be fun, seeing them to a goal.

Now... who would have thought three years ago I'd be a supporting member of my parish church? I blame the Czech for all this! If he hadn't broken my heart, I never would have felt the need to work through all the pain through a new novel, which had a throw- away line in the story about the OFC's brother, the priest, who then I had to flesh out and research, then he grew on me and became a main character, and I really had to figure exactly who he was, so then I started going to Mass again (actually, it's my friend's fault, she dragged me to a really special novena) but I kept going afterward-- all in the name of research... yeah, right. Eventually, I then joined the parish, had a meeting with my priest, then talked to the director of religious ed and somehow I ended up here... gulp. Lord help me from writing bad grammatical sentences and third graders.

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