Saturday, September 13, 2008

Disconnected Thoughts

I don't usually watch a lot of EWTN, sometimes, I find something that catches my attention, but not often. However, I'm watching a special on Lourdes and St. Bernadette. I posted a link to a piece about the 150th anniversary of Our Lady of Lourdes. There are a few must places I want to see when I go to Europe and Lourdes is now one of them.

They showed a clip of the nighttime procession at Lourdes and it looks incredibly beautiful. I can only imagine what it must be like to be a pilgrim there. For example, here where I live, on the last night of our Fiestas, there is a Candlelight Procession to the Cross of the Martyrs to commemorate and acknowledge the deaths of 21 Franciscan Priests who were killed at the onset of the Pueblo Revolt. This procession, leaves the Cathedral Basilica and winds it way through, old city streets up to the Cross which marks the event. It is one of the most solemn, most beautiful events I've ever experienced living here and I'm glad that I finally discovered it.

I'm so exhausted i really can't even articulate anything on my mind. Manana as we say here, Manana.

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