Sunday, May 31, 2009

What Would You Do With That?

The other day while window shopping after my second birthday lunch, I saw a monstrance for sale at an antique store. If I only had $3800. Of course what would I do with it? Seriously, what would you do with something like that? I've seen chalices in antique stores (in fact there was a gorgeous one in front of it) and online all the time, but I've never seen a monstrance any place but a church. I'm sure there is quite a story about how it ended up in Things Finer, a wonderful store in the La Fonda hotel.

It, being Pentecost tomorrow, I am looking forward to Mass. I may dash across town after Mass to the Cathedral for the Blessing of the (new) Bells because it would be something to see. Or maybe I'm just a big dork and like stuff like this. If I do go to town, I'll make the trip worthwhile and go to the new New Mexico History Museum.

Original Image copied from Wikipedia

And lastly, Fr. James Martin talks about the Holy Spirit. I do like him so an awful lot.

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